(Winter 2018) CS 485/585 - Intro to Cryptography

  • Syllabus: PDF, and more on the ADMINISTRATION page.
  • Lectures: Tu/Th 16:40 - 18:30 @ Fourth Ave Building 10.
  • Instructor: Fang Song (fsong “AT” pdx.edu). Office hours: Tu/Th 10:30 - 11:30am, or by appointment @ FAB 120-07.
  • Teaching assistant: Nate Launchbury (njl2 “AT” pdx.edu). Office hours: Monday, 9:30 - 11:00 am.
  • Required Text: Introduction to Modern Cryptography (2nd edition) by Jonathan Katz and Yehuda Lindell. Chapman and Hall/CRC Press, Nov 2014.
  • Useful materials: see the RESOURCE page.
  • Previous offerings: Winter 2017


  • <2018-03-14 Wed> Practice exam posted (find below)! Get started to prepare for the final exam.
  • <2018-03-06 Tue> Schedule and lecture notes updated; Quiz 3 solution posted on D2L
  • <2018-02-20 Tue> Tuesday class cancelled due to inclement weather. Stay tuned for further notice.
  • <2018-02-20 Tue> Lec 11 & 12 notes posted. Thursday lecture features talk on Quantum Internet by Prof. Rod Van Meter from Keio University at FAB 86-01.
  • <2018-02-11 Sun> Quiz 2 solution posted on D2L. Lecture notes 9 - 10, and a summary of private-key crypto posted.
  • <2018-02-04 Sun> Notes for lecture 5 - 8 posted.
  • <2018-01-25 Thu> Lecture 1 - 5 notes posted. HW2 Problem 1 & 2 typo corrected.
  • <2018-01-25 Thu> Office hour cancelled due to PSU Winter Symposium 2018
  • <2018-01-03 Wed> Course page up and running! Check it out~

Schedule (subject to change)

Week Date Topic Reading
1 T,01/09 Syllabus, intro, review of probability and randomized algorithms
[Intro slides PDF 8.7M]
[KatzLindell] Chapter 1,Appendix A;
Notes on discrete probability by Trevisan
  TR,01/11 Perfect secrecy, one-time pad, limits;
Computational secrecy
[Lec2 note: PDF]
[KL] Sect.2.1,2.2,2.3,3.1
2 T,01/16 Stream ciphers, pseudorandom generators
proof by reduction
[Lec3 note: PDF]
[KL] 3.2,3.3,6.1;
Supplement: [BonehShoup v0.4] Chapter 3
  TR,01/18 Block ciphers, pseudorandom functions, pseudorandom permutations
[Lec4 note: PDF]
[KL] 3.5,3.6,6.2
Supplement: [BS] Chapter 4
3 T,01/23 Chosen-Plaintext-Attacks
Quiz 1
[Lec5 note: PDF]
[KL] 3.4,3.5
Supplement: [BS] Chapter 5
  TR,01/25 CPA constructions
Message Authentication Codes
[Lec6 note: PDF]
[KL] 4.1,4.2,4.3
Supplement: [BS] Chapter 6
4 T,01/30 MAC domain extension
Review HW1 & Quiz1
[Lec7 note: PDF]
[KL] 4.4
Supplement: [BS] Chapter 6
  TR,02/01 Hash functions and applications
[Lec8 note: PDF]
[KL] Sect. 5.1-5.4, Appendix A.4
Supplement: [BS] Chapter 8
5 T,02/06 HMAC
CCA and authenticated encryption
Quiz 2
[Lec9 note: PDF]
[KL] Sect. 3.7.1,4.5.1,4.5.2
Supplement: [BS] Chapter 9
  TR,02/08 Theoretical constructions of private-key primitives
[Lec10 note: PDF]
[Priv-key crypto summary: PDF]
[KL] 7.1,7.2,7.4,7.5
6 T,02/13 Computational indistinguishability
PKC evolution
Review HW2&Quiz2
[Lec11 note: PDF]
[KL] 7.8,8.1,B.1,B.2,10
Notes on algebra by Trevisan
History of PKC: Diffie, Merkle’s Project Proposal, CESG
  TR,02/15 Number Theory Review
[Lec12 note: PDF]
[KL] 8.2.3,8.2.4,8.3.1,8.3.2; 11.4,11.5.1; 13.1
7 T,02/20 Lattice-crypto
Hybrid Encryption
Quiz 3
Cancelled due to SNOW’18
LWE Tutorial by O.Regev [PDF PPT]
[KL: 11.3]
  TR,02/22 Colloquim by Prof. Rod Van Meter
Title: Designing a Quantum Internet
Location: FAB 86-01
8 T,02/27 Digital signature intro
Review HW3
[Lec15 short note: PDF]
[KL: 12.1,12.2]
  TR,03/01 Group thoery
Diffie-Hellman, ElGamal
Hybrid Encryption
[Lec13(16) note: PDF]
[KL: 8.3.1,8.3.2;11.3,11.4]
9 T,03/06 Hash-based Signature
PKC with RO: OAEP and FDH
[Lec17 note: PDF]
[KL: 5.5,11.5.4,12.4.2]
  TR,03/08 SSL/TLS
real-world security flaws
Quiz 4
[Lec18 note: PDF]
KRACK Attacks: Breaking WPA2
10 T,03/13 selected topics: post-quantum crypto
[Slides PDF 11.2M]
Cryptography and Cybersecurity in the Quantum Era by Michele Mosca [Video]
Personal view on post-quantum cryptography by FS [Slides PDF] [Video]
  TR,03/15 Review HW4,Quiz4,PE  
  T,03/20 Final Exam: 17:30-19:20 @ FAB 10 Practice Exam PDF


  • [HW 1 latex PDF] out Tuesday Jan. 09, due Thursday Jan. 18.

  • [HW 2 latex PDF] out Thursday Jan. 18, due Thursday Feb. 1.

  • [HW 3 latex PDF] out Thursday Feb. 1, due Thursday Feb. 15.

  • [HW 4 latex PDF] out Thursday Feb. 15, due Thursday Mar. 1.