(Winter 2017) CS 485/585 - Intro to Cryptography


  • <2017-03-20 Mon> Good luck on the final exam: 10:15 - 12:05pm @ FAB 47. Thanks to everyone for your effort! I hope you’ve enjoyed the class and find it rewarding!
  • <2017-03-17 Fri> Practice exam solution updated, hw5 solution available on D2L.
  • <2017-03-14 Tue> Summer intern opportunity on Cryptography at MSR Redmond.
  • <2017-03-14 Tue> HW4 solution and pratice exam solution available on D2L.
  • <2017-03-09 Fri> Practice exam posted. Additional office hours in last week: Monday (Mar. 13) 2-3pm & Friday (Mar. 17) 1-2pm.
  • <2017-03-08 Wed> HW 3 & Quiz 4 solutions available on D2L.
  • <2017-02-27 Mon> Quiz 2&3 solutions available on D2L.
  • <2017-02-21 Thu> HW 4 Problem 4a) typo. Updated the PDF file on webpage.
  • <2017-02-07 Tue> Quiz 1 solution posted on D2L. HW 3 out.
  • <2017-01-24 Tue> Homework 2 posted.
  • <2017-01-13 Fri> Jan. 12 lecture cancelled. Schedule, HW1 updated.
  • <2017-01-10 Tue> Slides in Lecture 1, HW1 posted.
  • <2017-01-04 Wed> Course page up and running! Check it out~

Schedule (subject to change)

Date Topic Homework and Reading
Tue Jan. 10 Syllabus, intro, math background;
Perfect secrecy
[Intro slides PDF 3.8M]
Reading: [KL] Chapter 1, Sect. 2.1, Appendix A.
[Homework 1 PDF] out (due Tuesday, Jan. 24)
HW1 updated due to cancellation on Jan. 12
Thu Jan. 12 Cancelled due to SNOW’17  
Fri Jan. 13 Catch a lecture at
Quantum & crypto day @ Portland
Plan B
Tue Jan. 17 Cancelled due to QIP’17  
Thu Jan. 19 Cancelled due to QIP’17  
Tue Jan. 24 Quiz 1
One-time pad, limits of perfect secrecy;
Computational secrecy
[Lec2 draft note: PDF]
Reading: [KL] Sect. 2.2,2.3,3.1,3.2.
HW 1 due, [HW 2 PDF] out
Thu Jan. 26 Stream ciphers, pseudorandom generators
[Lec3 draft note: PDF]
Reading: [KL] 3.3,6.1
Supplement: [BS V0.3] Chapter 3
Tue Jan. 31 Block ciphers, pseudorandom functions
[Lec4 draft note: PDF]
Reading: [KL] 3.5,3.6,6.2
Supplement: [BS] Chapter 4
Thu Feb. 2 CPA
Quiz 2
[Lec5 draft note: PDF]
Reading: [KL] 3.4,3.5
Supplement: [BS] Chapter 5
Tue Feb. 7 Message authentication, domain extension
[Lec6 draft note: PDF]
Reading: [KL] 4.1,4.2,4.3,4.4
Supplement: [BS] Chapter 6
HW 2 due, [HW 3 PDF] out
Thu Feb. 9 Hash functions, random oracle, applications (MAC)
[Lec7 draft note: PDF]
Reading: [KL] Chapter 5, Appendix A.4
Supplement: [BS] Chapter 8
Tue Feb. 14 Theoretical constructions of private-key primitives
[Lec8 draft note: PDF]
Reading: [KL] Chapter 7
Supplement: [BS] Chapter 4.5,4.6; [Gol00] 2.5,3.4,3.7
Thu Feb. 16 Private-key crypto Review
Quiz 3
[Lec9 draft note: PDF]
Tue Feb. 21 Public-key revolution, Diffie-Hellman
Number theory review
[Lec10 draft note: PDF]
Reading: [KL] 8.1,8.2.1,Appendix B1,B2,Chapter 10
Notes on algebra and number theory (part I, Part II)
Fun reading: History of PKC
HW 3 due, [HW 4 PDF] out
Thu Feb. 23 Public-key encryption
trapdoor permutations
[Lec11 draft note: PDF]
Reading: [KL] 8.2.3,8.2.4,8.3.1,8.3.2; 11.2,11.5.1,11.5.3
Tue Feb. 28 PKE from TDPs in RO
factoring & RSA, ElGamal
Hybrid encryption, CCA
[Lec12 draft note: PDF]
Reading: [KL] 11.4.1,11.5.4, 11.3,3.7,4.5.4,11.2.3
Thu Mar. 02 Digital signatures, Full-domain-hash
Quiz 4
[Lec13 draft note: PDF]
Reading: [KL] 12.1-12.4
Tue Mar. 07 DL-based signature
hash-based signature
[Lec14 draft note: PDF]
Reading: 12.5.2,12.6,12.8
HW 4 due, [HW 5 PDF] out
Tue Mar. 09 Lattice based crypto
fully homomorphic encryption
Reading: Notes by Barak
[Lattice, FHE Part I, FHE Part II]
CACM article by Gentry
Thu Mar. 14 Zero-knowledge proofs
secure multi-party computation
Reading: Trevisan’s note on ZK
Barak’s note on SC
Vadhan’s note on 2PC
Thu Mar. 16 Quantum computing and impacts on cryptography
Review for final exam
Reading: FS’s talk at PQC Asia
[Slides PDF] [Video]
NSA’s post-quantum plan
HW 5 due
Mon Mar. 20 Final Exam: 10:15am-12:05pm @ FAB 47 Practice exam PDF


Make-up lectures (Week 2)

  • Attend at least one of the talks at Quantum day @ Portland, January 13, 2017.
  • (Plan B) If you cannot attend any of the talks on Jan. 13, please email me in advance. Upon approval, you have the option of watching one of the recorded talks below instead.

History of PKC (Feb.21 Lecture)

  • First ten years of PKC by Whit Diffie PDF
  • 1974 CS244 Project Proposal by Ralph Merkle HTML
  • Story of non-secret encryption at British Intelligence Agency HTML