(Fall 2022) CS 410/510 - Intro to Quantum Computing

Text/lectures we will follow loosely

  • [LR] Richard Lipton and Kenneth Regan, Introduction to Quantum Algorithms via Linear Algebra, 2nd Edition, MIT Press. PSU library eLink.
  • [KLM] Phillip Kaye, Raymond Laflamme, Michele Mosca, An Introduction to Quantum Computing, Oxford University Press (2007). PSU Library eLink (Errata)
  • [NC] Michael A. Nielsen and Isaac L. Chuang, Quantum Computation and Quantum Information, 10th anniversary ed., Cambridge University Press (2010). PSU Library eLink
  • [Aaronson] Scott Aaronson, Quantum Computing since Democritus, Cambridge University Press (2013). PSU Library eLink

Courses elsewhere

Quantum programming tools


  • Online TeX editors, such as Overleaf, are convinent to get you started. Overleaf also maintains a nice set of tutorials. Just open a template tex file and tweak it!
  • A Not so short intro to Latex PDF, a thorough introduction to LaTeX, and guide on good style.
  • Qcircuit package for drawing quantum circuits in LaTeX, and more examples [PDF TeX] by Charemza.