(Fall 2019) CSCE 629 - Analysis of Algorithms


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  • Syllabus: PDF.
  • Overview: This course will cover core techniques for designing and analyzing efficient algorithms. Main topics include: divide-&-conquer, dynamic programming, greedy algorithms, graph algorithms, theory of NP-Completeness, and selected topics that reflect recent developments.
  • Prerequisite: CSCE 411 or equivalent. Talk with me if you are uncertain.
  • Instructor: Prof. Fang Song @ HRBB 427B
  • Email: fang.song β€œAT” tamu.edu. Start your email subject line with β€œf19-629”. For quick response, please communicate with Piazza.
  • Lectures: M/W/F 10:20 am-11:10 am @ HRBB 113
  • Office hours: M 1 - 3 pm and by appointment
  • TA: Abhishek Das abkds@tamu.edu; Office hours & location: Th 1 - 3 pm @ HRBB 526
  • Required Text: [CLRS] Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson,Ronald L. Rivest and Clifford Stein. Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd edition, MIT Press, 2009. Library elink
  • Resource page: check constantly for additional materials that are helpful.
  • Piazza: We will use Piazza for discussion and communication. Find our class page here and sign up. You can get help efficiently from classmates and myself. I encourage you to post your questions and share your thoughts on Piazza.