(Fall 2018) CSCE 689 - Special Topics

Foundations of Post-Quantum Cryptography



  • Prerequisite: maturity in algorithm analysis and mathematics (espeically linear algebra, basic probability thoery and group thoery). This course will involve reading and writing lots of mathematical proofs.
  • Syllabus: PDF
  • Instructor: Prof. Fang Song @ HRBB 427B
  • Email: fang.song “AT” tamu.edu. Start your subject line with “F18-PQC”
  • Lectures: T/TR 5:30 – 6:45pm @ HRBB 126
  • Office hours: W 10:30 am - 12pm and by appointment
  • Text: no required ones. We will primarily follow lecture notes and read research papers.

Schedule (subject to change)

Week Date Topic Reading
1 Tu,08/28 Syllabus, intro, qubit Aaronson Lec9 HTML
Watrous Lec1 PDF
  Th,08/30 Aggie GameDay, Class Cancelled  
2 Tu,09/04 tensor product, dirac notation Watrous Lec2 PDF
  Th,09/06 quantum circuit model, Deutsch’s algorithm Watrous Lec3 PDF, Lec4 PDF
3 Tu,09/11 Simon’s algorithm Self-study Deutsch-Josza (Watrous Lec5 PDF)
Watrous Lec6 PDF
  Th,09/13 Grover’s algorithm Watrous Lec12 PDF, Lec13 PDF
4 Tu,09/18 Overview of quantum-safe crypto Son’PQC14
Video: Son16@AsiaPQC
  Th,09/20 Case study: PRF/PRP
Superposition attack on Luby-Rackoff
Trevison Notes [5, 6, 15]
5 Tu,09/25 Superpositon attacks cont’d
Quantum-secure PRF
Supp: Zhandry’ePrint16
  Th,09/27 Small-range distribution
QPRF cont’d
6 Tu,10/02    

Homwork and Exercise