I am an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at the Portland State University. I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Quantum Computing and the Department of Combinatorics and Optimization at the University of Waterloo during 2013 to 2016. I completed my PhD in 2013 in Computer Science and Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University, under the supervision of Prof. Sean Hallgren. Prior to that, I received my bachelor’s degree from University of Science & Technology of China in 2008.

My research interests lie in cryptography, especially in the presence of quantum attacks (a.k.a. post-quantum crypto), quantum algorithms, computational complexity and theoretical computer science broadly.


  • I AM HIRING! I am looking for self-motivated students who are interested in pursuing a PhD degree with me. Please feel free to reach me! Find more here.
  • I will serve on the program committee of PQCrypto 2018. It will be co-located with the 1st NIST PQC Standardization Conference at Fort Lauderdale, Florida Please submit your nice research results and hope to meet you there!
  • With an undergraduate and a Master’s student, we prove optimimal quantum query lower bounds and give quantum algorithms for finding collisions in a family of non-uniform random functions. Read more here.
  • CBC-MAC and a few others were broken by quantum attacks, But NMAC and HMAC remain quantum-secure, as we prove in our Crypto’17 paper. Check it out here.
  • My talk on ZK for QMA at QIP’17 is now avaible on Youtube.
  • Asiacrypt 2017 will be held in Hong Kong, and I am happy to serve on the program committee. Please submit your excellent papers!
  • I organized a one-day event on quantum computing and cryptography at Portland, OR. Find the details here or a poster PDF.