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Fang Song 宋方    

Assistant Professor
Computer Science Department
Portland State University

I am inviting PhD applications in cryptography, quantum computing, and general areas of theoretical computer science (TCS) starting Fall 2018, in the Computer Science Department at Portland State University. Portland State University is located in the heart of Portland, Oregon, one of America’s most dynamic cities. It gives unmatched access to career connections (e.g., Intel) and an internationally acclaimed culture scene. Competitive financial supports are available with comprehensive benefits.

A solid math background and strong interest in TCS are crucial. Suitable students from majors other than computer science (Math, Physics, Electrical Engineering etc.) are also encouraged to apply. It is advised that you reach me to discuss your individual case.

Find More Information at Please do not hesitate to inquire me for any questions.

  • Email: at
  • Application Deadline: March 1, 2018 for starting in Fall 2018 (official date). However, review starts immediately upon receiving your complete application, so please start early.
  • How to apply: Please follow the guideline Master’s degree is NOT required for the PhD application. Please mention my name in your application, or preferably get in touch with me during the application process.

  • Highlight of my research:
    • designing quantum algorithms, especially for problems that are critical to cryptography;
    • designing quantum-resistant classical cryptosystems (a.k.a. post-quantum cryptography);
    • developing formal methods for analyzing security against quantum attacks;
    • designing cryptographic constructions empowering quantum information processing (i.e. quantum cryptography)
    • understanding the limits and strengths of quantum computation.